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What’s the Worst Month in New England?

Which month is the worst month in New England? I aim to settle the age-old debate in this week's 12-Inch Poll.   As I'm typing this, it's mid-March. The wind has been so strong over the last two days--gusts topping 50 mph--that I've had to scuttle my post-show hike routine. In like a lion, out like a lamb, right? The wind has since died down, and temperatures are set to hit the mid-60s in the Boston metro tomorrow. Again, in mid-March. Gross. As you can probably gather, weather is the main metric that will come into consideration as we debate which month is worse.   That's not to say weather is the only thing being put on the scale to weigh. Holidays come into play, of course. With each month of the twelve, I am to weigh those pros and cons. Or, rather, I'll weigh what I believe to be the pros and cons. You'll take a look at my takes, respond with your own, then cast your vote.   What's the Worst Month in New England? Over the years, my opinion on this subject has shifted. November and all it's gloom-shortened days and bare-branched trees always sent me into enough of a death-spiral to write off the joys of Thanksgiving altogether. But times have changed. And--back to weather again--the climate has changed. January, long a beloved month for people like me who enjoy being outdoors in the New England winter, is now my frontrunner. Too often, rain is replacing snow, thanks to milder winter temperatures.   So let's get to it. As I said above, I've put forth pros and cons for each month below, along with some seasonal songs. If all goes as planned, we should end up with a workable ranking of the months in New England, with the worst one of all sitting atop the heap. Or is it the bottom?

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