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You could make an entire menu solely out of discontinued Taco Bell items. And that’s kind of what we’ve done here.


I have Taco Bell on the brain because of this story. Yes, it’s looking like 1222 Comm. Ave. in Allston, former home of beloved Boston venue Great Scott, could soon become a Taco Bell Cantina. As I wrote in that piece, I have mixed emotions. I loved Great Scott and it will be weird having something that’s not Great Scott at 1222 Comm. Ave. But hey, I love Taco Bell, too. And at least it’s not some crummy bank or nail salon.


I’ll be frank: I don’t eat as much Taco Bell as I used to. I have two meatless kids that waffle between vegetarian and vegan. And if you’re a parent like me, you know you’re eating what your kids are eating. So that makes me mostly meatless, too. And although the Bell has really beefed up (haha) their vegetarian and vegan menu offerings in recent years, those flavors I crave come from their beefier offerings.


Discontinued Taco Bell Items: Which Would You Bring Back?

I guess my Taco Bell heyday was back in the ’90s, when I was in high school and first got my driver’s license. When you’re a new driver, suddenly your fast food options are seemingly endless. I didn’t have a Bell nearby where I grew up in Greenwood, so my friends and I would cruise over to the location on Rt. 1 in Saugus to get our fix. And while Soft Taco Supremes and Bean Burritos ruled, it was those exotic items we loved the most.


That’s the subject of this week’s 12-Inch Poll. Below, I’ve rolled out a bunch of Taco Bell menu items that are no longer available. Scroll through the list, and after you wipe the drool off of your bottom lip, vote for the one you want most to bring back. And make sure you share the list with your friends so they can reminisce and vote, too. Be warned, though: you’re gonna want to make a run for the border real soon.

  • 7-Layer Burrito

    I remember when this one dropped in ’93. They 86’d it in 2020, so now we’re all stuck at home making 7-layer dip.

  • Bell Beefer

    While every food account on TikTok is making Big Mac tacos, the Bell was flipping the script decades ago. The Bell Beefer was basically taco fillings on a hamburger bun.

  • B.L.T. Soft Taco

    These debuted in 1995, when I was a senior in high school. I remember sitting in the dining room of the Bell on Rt. 1 in Saugus, taking down three of them, and proclaiming to my friends: “I’m addicted to these things!” I remember the commercial, too.

  • Caramel Apple Empanada

    Taco Bell is legendary for selling amazing menu items for a buck. Launched in the late 2000s and discontinued in 2019, it might be time to bring this desert favorite back.

  • Chilito

    Call it what you want: Chilito, Chili Cheese Burrito. Just bring it back!

  • Choco Taco

    Gather ’round, kids, and I’ll tell you a tale: in the ’90s, you could get a Choco Taco at Taco Bell. Last year, when the frozen treat was discontinued by Klondike, select Taco Bells brought ’em back…”for a limited time.”

  • Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco

    Crazy to think the Doritos Locos Tacos debuted at the Bell over a decade ago. I always preferred the Cool Ranch to the original, which is a bummer, because this is the one that got dropped.

  • Double Decker Taco

    A crunchy taco wrapped in a flour tortilla with refried beans holding the whole mess together? That combo of hard-and-soft scratched a certain fast food itch. I LOVED these and would love to see them come back.

  • Enchirito

    I remember the commercials: “Ooey, gooey Enchirito!” I remember housing them on the regular. Sure, you needed a knife and fork. But the taste was worth it.

  • Grilled Steak Soft Taco

    I’m not a big steak person, but there was something decadent about steak at Taco Bell. It felt like cheating and it tasted divine.

  • Meximelt

    Old-school Bell heads know the Meximelt. And probably loved the Meximelt. Beef, shredded cheese, and salsa in a flour tortilla. Perfection.

  • Volcano Taco

    Before the Flamin’ Hot craze kicked in and invaded the Taco Bell menu, this was the item for hotheads. I remember trying it when it debuted in 2008 and that lava sauce was spicy! The volcano is still active in the U.K.


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