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Rating New England’s Favorite Donuts on National Donut Day

June 2nd is National Donut Day, so you know I'm rating New England's favorite donuts and passing plenty of judgement.   Before we get into the ratings and rankings and such, a pair of shouts to my two favorite donut shops in all of New England. And they happen to be right down the road from each other (technically). Congdon's Doughnuts has been an icon on Rt. 1 in Wells since 1955. Eating their donuts is like stepping into the past. A tastier, richer past. And for those of you who do the veggie/vegan thing (like my oldest son), there's Lovebirds Donuts on Rt. 1 in Kittery. Craft donuts and fair trade, certified organic coffee. Check 'em out.   And check this out: the team at The Shane Co., just in time for National Donut Day, put together a tasty little treat called The Most Popular Donut in Every U.S. State. And how exactly did they pull this one out of the oven? The methodology looks like this: "we compiled a list of commonly eaten donuts across the U.S. and looked at 25 donut-type keywords on Google Trends from May 2018 to 2023." They also put Dunkin' head-to-head with Krispy Kreme. Since we're in New England, and New England Runs on Dunkin', we don't even need to dive into that.   Rating New England's Favorite Donuts on National Donut Day Let's dive instead into the six New England states to see who's munching on what. And since I did say I'd be rating each of these confections, I will do exactly that. No fancy methodology, just me talking a whole bunch of smack where talking a whole bunch of smack is necessary. If you want to see what's doing in the other 44 states, I've shared the graphic breakdown down below. And you can read more right here as well.

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