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Massachusetts: 2 Metros Made The Best 2024 Housing Markets has published their Top Housing Markets for 2024 list, and two Massachusetts metros are listed in the top 10. In fact, the two areas are only about 50 miles from each other. Overall, the projection is for home prices to decrease a bit, especially as mortgage rates improve. This would certainly be significant in helping the market become more favorable and bouncing back. "Sales growth is the main propellant for top housing markets in 2024, with price growth also contributing, but generally to a lesser degree," states. 2024 U.S. Housing Market Overview Using sales growth as a key indicator, analyzed various data points to determine the top 10 areas that are likely to be top housing markets in 2024. "Eight metros are predicted to break double-digit sales growth in 2024, and they are predominantly expensive markets in the West which saw large sales declines in 2023," continued. Worcester Ranked #8 The second biggest city in Massachusetts faired quite favorably in the "2024 Existing Home Sale Counts Year-over-Year" category, with a projected increase of 9.1%. Redfin has the media home sale price in Worcester to be 417,000 as of last month. "Homes in Worcester receive six offers on average and sell around 20 days," Redfin explains about the competitiveness of the area. Springfield Ranked #7 Travel about 55 minutes west, and you will arrive at the next Massachusetts area that is ranked among the best housing markets for 2024. The projected "2024 Existing Home Sale Counts Year-Over-Year" is for it to increase by 10.5%. "Homes in Springfield have sold for 5.7% more than they did a year ago," Rocket Homes said. The average home sale price here is $274,056. If you are thinking of moving out west, explained that four out of the top six 2024 housing markets are in California. Oxnard and San Diego both produced very favorable forecasts. Some of the remaining states and metro within the top 10 include, Rochester, New York and Kentwood, Michigan. Toledo, Ohio ranked as the number housing market for 2024. Home sale counts are expected to increase by 14% in Toledo. [select-listicle listicle_id="672989" syndication_name="massachusetts-has-one-of-the-most-affordable-christmas-vacations" description="yes"]

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