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Just As You’d Expect, Boston Has One Of The Best Tiki Bars In The U.S.

Though New England does have miles of gorgeous coastline, it may not be the first place you think of when it comes to tiki huts. Nonetheless, Tasting Table released a feature on the best tiki bars in the country and a Boston establishment was selected. "Uniquely American and rooted in tropical escapism, tiki bars hold a distinct space in the pantheon of cocktail lore. With origins dating back to the 19th century, when Americans began chasing interests in the South Pacific," they explain. Traditionally, to properly qualify as a tiki bar, the establishment is decorated in a Polynesian theme. They serve exotic cocktails and can display items like grasses, palms, and coconuts. Many drinks are mixed with rum or bitters. Tropical fruits and island music also add to the vibe. In the greater Boston area, the tiki bar named by Tasting Table is a Chinese-American restaurant. In fact, their homepage displays a jungle theme with palm leaves, and a dragon overlay. Wusong Road Tiki Bar Located on Mt. Auburn St, Wusong Road Tiki Bar is inside the Harvard Square Hotel. Tasting Table describes the restaurant as, "A lush love letter to chef Jason Doo's hometown. Harkening to that era, the bar is a blast from the past with things like neoteric Scorpion Bowls, Jungle Birds, and Mai Tais loaded up with three kinds of run." The bar itself contains bamboo stools with similar-looking bamboo lights overhead. Their official Instagram account often displays tiki-themed images displaying specialty drinks or themed events. "Wusong Road wants to tell the story of Tiki during the 1970s through the present day, where there was a strong and largely unspoken connection between tropical fruit-forward cocktails, the Tiki or ‘Polynesian’ aesthetic and American Chinese restaurants," they explain on their site. In addition, Wusong Road, one of the best tiki bars in the country, accepts reservations, hosts private events, and sells custom tiki cups. [select-gallery gallery_id="600473" syndication_name="big-name-artists-will-open-the-new-stage-at-suffolk-downs" description="yes"]

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