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The most annoying accent in America is a subject that is constantly up for debate. This 12-Inch Poll aims to put the debate to bed.


Boston Magazine’s Spencer Buell reported on a survey where respondents named Boston’s accent the most annoying. Well, we think THEYAH annoyin’, kehd. Because recently, I reported on study that concluded that the Boston accent sounds smart. As I pointed out in my piece, the study I cited polled over 1,000 Americans. The respondents were asked a variety of questions about different American dialects. What I’m getting at here is that they did the work. The research is sound.


That first survey? It’s suspect. And that’s not a knock on my man Spencer Buell or Boston Magazine. I’ve respected Spencer’s work for years and been entertained countless times by his wry observations. And Boston Magazine is always a go-to for me when I want insight, perspective, and cool things to do in Boston. It’s an institution! And the fact that it’s still alive and kicking in the current media landscape speaks volumes about their credibility and reputation.


Can we say the same about the 12-Inch Poll? I think we can. It doesn’t carry as much weight here in Boston as Boston Magazine does. But it’s your voice, week in and week out, and that counts for something. And, more often than not, you get it right, no matter what question I throw your way. That speaks to credibility, too.


What’s The Most Annoying Accent in America?

So let’s do it right: what’s the most annoying accent in America? (We’ve already talked about the most annoying accent in the world.) I’ve made a list of the best-known regional accents in the U.S.A., given you an example of each, and I want you to vote for the worst one of the lot. Even if it is our beloved Boston accent. Kehd.

  • Maine Accent

    Bert and I. Legendary regional comedy.

  • Boston Accent

    Sure, there are lots of examples in popular culture. But any excuse to revisit this gem, right?

  • New York Accent

    Remember when the host of Coffee Talk was Paul Baldwin? The accent still ruled.

  • Pennsylvania Accent

    Props to my nephews Ryan and Kyle, who grew up in Philly, and whose accents I adore.

  • Chicago Accent


  • Midwestern Accent

    I can’t see Frances McDormand’s face and not hear the accent she used in this film.

  • Southern Accent

    “We’d look like a buncha Johnny-come-latelys! No matter how schtumpy!”

  • New Orleans Accent

    I would’ve used Adam Sandler’s “Cajun Man,” but I already posted an SNL sketch.

  • California Accent

    What was that I just said about SNL? Never mind.

  • Hawaiian Accent

    I had no idea this was such a strong regional dialect.

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