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397816 06: Actor Ben Affleck and Matt Damon attend the premiere of "Project Greenlight" November 27, 2001 at the Chelsea West Theatre in New York City. (Photo by George De Sota/Getty Images)

Boston Magazine’s Spencer Buell reported on a recent survey where respondents named Boston’s accent the most annoying. Well, we think THEYAH annoyin’, kehd.


Oh, and their survey is trash. The 12 Inch Poll carries much more weight here in Boston, so let’s do it right: what’s the most annoying accent in America? I’ve made a list of the best-known regional accents in the U.S.A., given you an example of each, and I want you to vote for the worst one of the lot. Even if it is our beloved Boston accent. Kehd.

  • Maine Accent

  • Boston Accent

  • New York Accent

  • Pennsylvania Accent

  • Chicago Accent

  • Midwestern Accent

  • Southern Accent

  • New Orleans Accent

  • California Accent

  • Hawaiian Accent