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What’s Your Favorite New England Summer Vacation Destination?

What's the best New England summer vacation destination? That's the question I'm asking you in this week's 12-Inch Poll.   I actually ran a version of this Poll a few summers ago that just focused on the Cape and Maine. Big mistake on my part. You came out of the woodwork crowing about your favorite vacation spots in New Hampshire, Vermont, and elsewhere. So I've expanded the scope this time around.   What's Your Favorite New England Summer Vacation Destination? Of course, the Cape tops this list. Now, that's not my destination of choice. I'm a Maine Seacoast guy. See, I grew up in Greenwood, on the North Shore. And North Shore folks, for the most part, tend to head north for their vacation time. Sure, I grew up with some kids who went to the Cape during the summer. But those kids were absolute psychopaths who came from families full of masochists. OK, I'm just exaggerating for entertainment purposes. But seriously: who in their right mind would drive from a North Shore town, through Boston, and down to the Cape when you could get to the beach in Maine in half the time?   So yeah, I'm a Maine kid. Wells Beach forever. But the New Hampshire Seacoast is in the mix, too, because people love to have their relaxing day at the beach interrupted by a nuclear scare. I also went Downeast for all those folks that love to drive 4 hours extra to go on vacation. And if you're a lake person, I've got your Maine and New Hampshire options covered. Vermont is represented, too, as is Rhode Island. Little Rhodie is a bit of a sleeper. You have great beaches, you have Newport. And it's all relatively close to the Boston metro.   And if I missed your New England summer vacation destination of choice? Choose "other" and let me know about it on our Facebook or Twitter.

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