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11am - 4pm

The 2022 edition of the Dave & Chuck the Freak .5K is this Saturday, October 1. Here’s your guide to the festivities.


The event is exactly as advertised: a .5K run, walk, or crawl around Faneuil Hall Marketplace, bookended by a party and a meet-and-greet at Ned Devine’s. Dave, Chuck, and Andy will all be on hand. It’ll be just as much fun as Peep Show Live was back in May, if not more. If you missed that one, we have pictures of the event here. Oh, and there are meet and greet photos over here.


Believe it or not, it’s been THREE YEARS since Dave and Chuck’s last .5K. Actually, you can believe it. There’s been a pesky little pandemic that’s been really messing with our social lives for the last two-and-a-half years. Makes throwing big events like the .5K a little difficult. Which is a shame, because the last one was a killer time. Nevertheless, the .5K is back, and we’re hoping that having it at the beginning of October instead of the beginning of November will make for an even better experience.


Dave & Chuck the Freak .5K 2022: Everything You Need To Know

Below, we’ll walk you through all the info you’ll need for Faneuil Hall and Ned Devine’s on Saturday afternoon. What time is the .5K? We’ll tell you. Who’s coming? We’ll tell you. What in the actual hell is going to happen? We’ll tell you. What can (and can’t) I bring to the event? We’ll tell you. What else do I need to know? We’ll tell you. And while you wait for Saturday to roll around, hit Dave & Chuck’s page for all the latest Peep Shows, full show podcasts, Tasty Bits, and anything else you might have missed on the show. See you at Faneuil Hall on Saturday! Penis and balls, y’all!

  • What The Hell Is The .5K?

    It’s The least grueling road race you’ve ever done: A .5K. is a quick run, walk, or crawl around Faneuil Hall Marketplace. So you can get your running (and drinking) shoes shoes on. But mostly your drinking shoes, because it’s all about the pre- and post-parties. And the meet-and-greet with Dave, Chuck, and Andy! Register below.

    Dave & Chuck the Freak .5K 2022
  • Where's The Event?

    Technically, it’s in two places. The “race” itself takes place at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The before and after shenanigans are at Ned Devine’s.

  • What Time Is The Event?

    We’ll get the pre-party underway right around 11 a.m. on this coming Saturday, October 1. We’ll be wrapped up by 4 p.m. So it’s the perfect fall Saturday activity: you can sleep in on Saturday morning, and still have plenty of time to go out carousing on Saturday night.

  • What If It Rains?

    The .5K is rain or shine, baby. So check the forecast and dress accordingly.

  • What's The Best Way To Get There?

    Take the T! Seriously, three of the four lines are within walking distance.

    Blue Line – Aquarium
    Green Line – Haymarket or Government Center
    Orange Line – Haymarket or State Street

    If you’re coming from outside MBTA range, here’s a map where you can find parking.

  • Will There Be Refreshments?

    Damn right there will be. The Dave & Chuck the Freak .5K is presented by Miller Lite, and Ned Devine’s has a full menu of Irish Pub fare and more.

  • Can I Bring My Pet?

    No, but you can enjoy the show’s pets!

    The Pets of Dave and Chuck the Freak
  • Do I Really Get To Meet The Show?

    You sure do? The meet and greet comes as part of your registration.

    Facts You May or May NOT Know About “Dave and Chuck the Freak”
  • Where Else Can I Register?

    You can cop a bib on Thursday evening.

    Win Your .5k Bib at Broadside Tavern with Miller Lite
  • Anywhere Else?

    Yup. You can score one on Friday afternoon, too.

    Win Your .5k Bib at JJ Donovans With Miller Lite
  • Anything Else?

    Nope, that pretty much covers it all. Wait! You can also enter to win tickets to see Detroit vs. New England in Foxboro. One more time, that link to register is right down below.

    Dave & Chuck the Freak .5K 2022