Adam 12

11am - 4pm

The 2022 edition of the Dave & Chuck the Freak .5K was an absolute blast, and we have the pics and video to prove it.


The ROCK 92.9 team was up bright and early on Saturday morning to get things set up inside Ned Devine’s and to plot out the race course around Faneuil Hall Marketplace. There was rain in the forecast, but all it amounted to was a little bit of drizzle during registration. Which is a good thing. Can you imagine if runners had to negotiate the grueling 547-foot course on those wet, slippery cobblestones?


Dave, Chuck, and Andy rolled up around noontime to greet the growing crowd inside Ned Devine’s, where pre-race Miller Lites were being thrown back in anticipation of the big event. At 12:30, Chuck led us all in a set of “warmups.” I know what you’re thinking: you really gotta make sure you’re stretched out well before hitting the course for a .5K. Well, our warmups were more along the lines of 12-ounce curls, if you know what I mean. As if you haven’t figured it out yet, the Dave & Chuck the Freak .5K is all about the pre- and post-parties, and not exactly about the race itself.


Recap: Dave & Chuck the Freak .5K 2022

By 1:00, we had all made our way out of Ned Devine’s and into the Marketplace proper. Dave and Chuck offered us some words of encouragement, and then the race was underway. Believe it or not, we did have a pair of “runners” who finished the course in under a minute. Everyone else took their time. There was even a guy who dropped in on his skateboard right before the finish line!


No one was hurt, everyone had a good time, and the post-party meet-and-greet with Dave, Chuck, and Andy was a ball. Thanks to Ned Devine’s for having us, thanks to Miller Lite for sponsoring, and thanks to everyone who made it out. Check out the recap below.