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Steven Tyler birthday log: March 26, 2024. But it’s not about the date or the age. It’s about Tyler’s legacy with Aerosmith.


I grew up in an Aerosmith household. Which is to say, I grew up in the Boston area. If you’re a Gen Xer with Boomer parents who were rockers, Aerosmith was part of the soundtrack of your youth. Whether you liked it or not. And I didn’t, at first. Aerosmith never grabbed me like other bands did. They were just the band my folks would go to see at the Garden on New Year’s Eve.


That changed a bit in middle school. For Christmas in 1989, I received two cassette tapes from my Uncle Kenny and Auntie Carol: The Cure‘s Disintegration and Aerosmith’s Pump. I dove headlong into The Cure first and they became one of those acts that shaped my young musical mind. By the time I got around to Aerosmith, I thought they were OK. Better than I remembered, at least.


Steven Tyler Birthday 6-Pack: The Aerosmith Great’s Best

It’s really only been in recent years that my respect and appreciation for Aerosmith and Steven Tyler has grown. Earlier this month, I went back to Get Your Wings for it’s 50th anniversary. It’s an underrated release in the band’s discography. And last year, I went long on the band’s debut album turning 50. I won’t rehash; you can read my thoughts on that here.


This was just an exercise in giving you my background with the band so my six-song set will have some context. I chose what are not just some of my preferred Aerosmith cuts, but songs that I think do a fine job of showcasing that unique Steven Tyler energy. It is a Steven Tyler birthday celebration, after all. So let’s honor the Aerosmith man with some music.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sings to a snake. Steven Tyler birthday is March 28, 1948

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  • "One Way Street"

    Maybe my earliest musical memory of Aerosmith. This song stood out more than the others when my parents would play the record because of the harmonica. Years later, I’d learn it was the singer playing the harmonica as well. Blew my little mind.

  • "Seasons Of Wither"

    My parents love Aerosmith. My mom especially. This is her favorite Aerosmith song, and it’s become one of mine as well. Love you, Mom.

  • "No More No More"

    The opening riff is maybe my favorite moment in any Aerosmith song. And Joe Perry gets the credit for that, of course. But then Steven comes in with lead vocals that rip and harmonies that don’t overpower. He always seems to be able to strike that balance.

  • "Back In The Saddle"

    Tyler has one of the great rock screams. This is known. And this might be the best example of that. Which is saying something, because the man has let loose on dozens of Aerosmith tracks over the years.

  • "Walk This Way"

    Not the original version. The Run-D.M.C. version. AKA the collab that brought Aerosmith back from the dead. Steven is such a ham in the music video.

  • "Love In An Elevator"

    Speaking of comebacks and music videos, I’ll wrap up the list with this one. As I said before, Pump was the album that really got me into Aerosmith. And this music video–the intro, particularly–really got my motor running as an early teen.

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