These were called Samoas back in the day. Different name, same amazing cookie. My all-time fave. Is it yours?

‘Tis the season! The 2024 Girl Scout Cookies have been available for awhile now. So let’s find out what everyone’s faves are.


Here in the Commonwealth, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts kicked off their 2024 Girl Scout Cookie season back in December. Perhaps you spotted your first folding tables full of cookie boxes backed by smiling Scouts as you were getting the last of your holiday shopping sorted. Or maybe you’ve seen your local troops out in force this winter. Either way, it’s cookie time.


For last year’s program, I put together a 12-Inch Poll that set out to find the best Girl Scout Cookies. I cast a pretty wide net for that Poll, including cookie varieties–and names–from the past and present, nationwide. As of now, my beloved Samoas, er, Caramel deLites are in the lead over the vastly overrated Thin Mints. But that Poll is so last year. Let’s put a different twist on the 2024 edition.


2024 Girl Scout Cookies: What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

This time around, we’re only focusing on the flavors that are part of the 2024 Cookie program here in Massachusetts. Don’t worry, you’ll still get to cast a vote for your favorite varieties. But it just makes sense to set aside the styles that are only available in, say, the deep South, and instead celebrate the confections you’ve been scooping up by the boxful in recent weeks.


Scroll through the Class of ’24 below, then vote for your favorite. Oh, and I should probably remind you: the annual cookie program runs through Friday, March, 8. So if you haven’t gotten your fix yet this year, visit the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts here to find a cookie booth near you to purchase from a local Girl Scout troop or to connect with a local troop’s online cookie shop.

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