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Earlier, we dug into the favorite Thanksgiving sides in Massachusetts. Now, it’s time to take one off the table.


As I’ve said before, I was never a big turkey guy growing up. Turkey is fine and all, but when I was sitting down at the table for Thanksgiving dinner, it was the side dishes I was waiting to dig into. And that table was full of delicious side dishes, courtesy of my Nana Jeanie.


Every year, my Nana Jeanie would host my mom’s side of the family for Thanksgiving dinner. She’d be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, with assistance from my mom and my Auntie Colleen. After a midday appetizer of sherbet and cranberry juice, the serving platters and dishes would start hitting the table. And so would we.


The mountain of mashed potatoes was what I always had my eyes set on first. I’d slather them in butter, but not gravy. That was for the turkey. The carrots were always tasty, too. But not to my cousin Patrick. He hated carrots. The family resorted to calling them “M&M carrots” in order to get him to eat them. And that’s what we’re getting at for this week’s Thanksgiving-themed 12-Inch poll: what are the side dishes you absolutely hate?


Throw These Thanksgiving Sides In the Trash: 12-Inch Poll

Maybe it’s a Thanksgiving side you were forced to choke down at the kid’s table. Maybe it’s a food that has to be homemade and can never, ever come from a can or a jar. Scroll through my short list of side dishes, choose the one that you will not eat under any circumstances, and cast your vote. Maybe even send the link to your cousins or other family members and get them on board. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  • Cranberry Sauce

    Some New Englanders love their Ocean Spray. Others want it the hell away from their plate.

  • Crescent Rolls

    Damn you, Pillsbury Doughboy. Get your crummy tube rolls out of here and pass me the homemade.

  • Gravy in a Jar

    Heinz Gravy and not homemade? On Thanksgiving? Sacrilege!

  • Green Bean Casserole

    If this doesn’t win I don’t even know what we’re doing here.

  • Instant Mashed Potatoes

    You’d best be skipping the Betty Crocker box and making ’em from scratch like dear ol’ mom.

  • Mac & Cheese

    I thought it was a southern thing, but apparently it’s the most popular side dish in Vermont. Which makes sense, seeing as Vermont is weird.

  • Boxed Stuffing

    That Stove Top box on the counter screams: “Happy Thanksgiving! I’m cutting corners!

  • Sweet Potato Casserole

    Throwing this one in here just to see if it gets any votes.