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11am - 4pm

Tool made the jump from side stage in '92 to main stage in '93 and they were the band everyone talked about that year.

With Boston Calling in the rear view, festival season is officially upon us. So let’s revisit some summer music festival memories.


Nowadays, Boston Calling is the Big Summer Gig (although there is another smaller, local gig we’re looking forward to). For the sake of this week’s poll, though, we’re looking backward at some of our favorite Boston-area summer music festival moments.


Old Boston music heads will remember the days where every rock station in the city had their own yearly outdoor music fest. Those shows are represented, as well as the big touring festivals that used to come to New England annually. Remember Some Festivals, then vote for your favorite.

  • Boston Calling Music Festival

    But here’s the real question: did you like it better on City Hall Plaza?

    Boston Calling Past Lineups: 2013-2022
  • Hatch Shell Concerts

    It seems like every Boston radio station sponsored at least one Hatch Shell Concert over the years. But this is the one everyone remembers.

    Green Day’s Hatch Shell Riot, 25 Years On
  • Lollapalooza

    Once upon a time, Lollapalooza was a touring festival. Tool, Soundgarden, and Smashing Pumpkins were standouts on those early local stops.

    Celebrate 30 Years of Lollapalooza with 20 Years of Tour Posters
  • Ozzfest

    Enduring memories of Ozzy on stage at Great Woods fronting Black Sabbath or his band, depending on the year.

    Ozzfest at 25: Looking Back on the Festival’s Lineups
  • Warped Tour

    The 2004 10th anniversary tour at Gillette is still an all-timer.

    Warped Tour 10th Anniversary Poster

  • EarthFest

    Back in our WBOS days, we used to throw a little party on the Hatch Shell you might remember.

    WBOS EarthFest Logo

  • River Rave

    WBCN started this one on the Esplanade, too (the “River” in River Rave is the Charles, of course), then moved to Mansfield and even Foxboro for a year.

    Here’s yours truly with backstage with Everlast for at the 2004 edition.

    Adam 12 with Everlast

  • Best Music Poll

    The annual WFNX/Boston Phoenix event had many iterations over the years, but the best ones were always when the station took over Lansdowne Street.

    WFNX Best Music Poll 1993 tshirt

  • Locobazooka

    The punny-named WAAF fest put up its tent in Worcester, Manchester, Fitchburg, and Mansfield over its decade-long run.

    Locobazooka DVD