We recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of U2‘s War. That got me thinking: What’s the greatest rock album from 1983?


So begins the latest edition of the 12-Inch Poll. And it’s a lot like the last one! A couple of weeks ago we played this game with albums released in 1993 that turn 30 this year. As I’m typing this, the album I voted for in that Poll–Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins–has over a quarter of the overall votes, with Pearl Jam‘s Vs. in second place and Nirvana‘s In Utero in third. I keep these polls open indefinitely, so feel free to scroll through the other 15 contenders and cast your vote anytime.


And if albums you bought back in 1993 turning 30 this year makes you feel old, get a load of this: all those albums you bought back in 1983? Those ones turn 40 this year. Funny how math works, right? And even funnier how time works. With each passing minute, hour, and day, those beloved releases get minutes, hours, and days older. And you and I do, too. Yet we all still look and sound so good!


Right? Right.


What’s the Greatest Rock Album from 1983?

Much like with the last Poll, I started with this master list of 34 albums that turn 4o in 2023. And again, since this is asking what the greatest ROCK album of that year is, I was able to knock off a lot of the pop-leaning acts straightaway (think Madonna and Lionel Ritchie). I also a few of the bigger names off my list. I mean, sure, David Bowie and Pink Floyd both released albums in ’83. But they’re not even the best David Bowie or Pink Floyd albums, let alone the best albums of that year.


Take a look at my list, cast your vote, and then yell at me about it on the ROCK 92.9 Facebook and Twitter.

  • Billy Idol 'Rebel Yell'

  • Def Leppard 'Pyromania'

  • Dio 'Holy Diver'

  • Iron Maiden 'Piece Of Mind'

  • KISS 'Lick It Up'

  • Metallica 'Kill 'Em All'

  • Motley Crue 'Shout At The Devil'

  • Ozzy Osbourne 'Bark At The Moon'

  • The Police 'Synchronicity'

  • Quiet Riot 'Metal Health'

  • R.E.M. 'Murmur'

  • Talking Heads 'Speaking In Tongues'

  • U2 'War'

  • Yes '90125'

  • ZZ Top 'Eliminator'

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