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As I sit here, alone in my studio on July 5th, I’m asking you this: What’s the best holiday weekend to take off?


The joke here, of course, is that I should’ve taken the entire 4th of July week off. Not just the 4th of July weekend. It’s a damn ghost town here at the ROCK 92.9 studios. Will anyone even see this week’s 12-Inch Poll? Will they vote in it? Oh, the delicious irony of making a vacation-themed poll and no one seeing it or voting on it…because everyone is on vacation. Classic.


The last vacation-themed poll I put together was a fun one. I asked you about your favorite summer vacation destinations all over New England. You can still check that one out and vote on it here. This week’s poll deals not with space but with time. If you’re going to cut out of work for a vacay or a stay-cay, what’s your preferred weekend to cast work aside for a few days and recreate?


What’s The Best Holiday Weekend to Take Off?

Maybe you’re a winter-lover like me. Maybe you look forward to the MLK holiday weekend in January to hit the slopes and get a few runs in. Ditto on Presidents’ Day: the kids are out of school and we’re in the White Mountains. Or maybe you look forward to those years where St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday or a Monday so you can make a holiday weekend out of it.


I’m guessing the majority of votes will go toward the summer holidays, however: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day. I threw in Indigenous Peoples’ Day, too, because sometimes a mid-October long weekend is a thing of beauty in New England. And who doesn’t love the four-day blessing that is the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Pick your favorite below.

  • MLK Weekend

    I decided to turn my Poll into a playlist, too. Did you know Public Enemy wrote a song about MLK Day?

  • Presidents' Day Weekend

    My birthday usually falls within a few days of Presidents’ Day, so I usually just take the whole week off.

  • St. Patrick's Day Weekend

    Pucker up!

  • Memorial Day Weekend

    The unofficial start of summer.

  • 4th of July Weekend

    The 4th is a finicky one. It’s gotta fall on the right day in order for you to get maximum holiday weekend refreshment.

  • Labor Day Weekend

    The unofficial end of summer.

  • Indigenous Peoples' Day Weekend

    Depending on the weather and where it falls, this weekend can end up being a fall foliage fest.

  • Thanksgiving Weekend

    Guaranteed four-day weekend. Every year. Every time. You just gotta take that Friday off!

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