Candy Corn. You either love it or you don’t. Or maybe you hate it. The sweet treat is the subject of this week’s Poll.


Don’t worry: we’ll be expanding our candy selection next month when we revisit a pair of 12-Inch Polls from last Halloween. One of those will attempt to decide the best Halloween candy. The other will jettison the worst Halloween candy directly into the donation pile. So save your hot takes on Halloween candy in general for a few weeks from now. You’ll need ’em. This week, it’s all about those tri-colored kernels of sugar.


I’ve got Candy Corn on the brain because of this new story from earlier in the week. Arcade Snacks of Auburn, MA had to recalling its 15 ounce packages of Candy Corn because they may contain egg that was not listed on the label. That’s potential bad news for folks with egg allergies. My oldest kid had an egg white allergy earlier in life. Bad times. I empathize with anyone who has to deal with or has a kid that deals with food allergies.


As far as I’m concerned, I might as well be allergic to stuff, because I would never, under any circumstances, put that nasty, vile crap in my mouth. Most Candy Corn is just straight up corn syrup, which is gross. It’s too sweet. It’s the type of sweet that sets your teeth on edge and gives you a headache. Straight into the trash with it, I say.


Candy Corn: 12 Inch Poll

But what do YOU say? Are you with me in the “fire-all-Candy-Corn-directly-into-the-sun” brigade? Or are you like my Dad, who likes to keep a bowl on hand starting in late September and running all the way through November? It’s a miracle the man still has his real teeth. Anyway, cast your vote below.

  • Candy Corn Recall


    Massachusetts Candy Corn Recall!
  • Making Candy Corn

    Do not show me this.

  • Candy Corn Commercial

    Cute. But it’s still gross.

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