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How Punk Became Punk starts way back in 1964 and takes you on a rock journey all the way through the late ’70s.


If you listen to my show on the regular, you know I’m a big fan of punk rock music. In fact, I can think of a recent Monday when I was feeling a bit blah after having a killer weekend. I needed a kick in the seat of the pants, so I put together this short, three-song set: Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop” into Green Day “When I Come Around” into The Clash “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.” It did the trick.


Speaking of the Ramones, one of the greatest shows I’ve ever attended was their last-ever Boston show. It was Valentine’s Day, 1996, and I had to cop a fake ID to get in. I tell the whole story here. And on the Green Day tip, I finally got to catch them live at Fenway park in the summer of ’21. I brought my youngest and it was an all-timer of a gig. You can read about that here.


I could go on and on about the bands from the Boston scene, too. I played plenty of them during my college radio days at Northeastern’s WRBB and when I was starting my radio career at WFNX. Hell, I even got Dropkick Murphys, Darkbuster, and Street Dogs on the air at WBCN when I was there. But enough about my history. Let’s get into some real rock history.


How Punk Became Punk: Watch This Documentary

YouTube channel Trash Theory posted this doc back in 2022, but it’s timeless. It digs into protopunk and talks about how musical movements like the British Invasion and the U.S. garage rock scene gave birth to the bands that would set the stage for the bands we know and love today. Check it out.