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I recently celebrated a pair of milestone anniversaries, so I decided to dust off the cassette tape of my very first show on Boston radio.


This is not to be confused with my very first radio show ever, which took place at Northeastern University’s WRBB on June 18, 1996. I went whole-hog into celebrating that anniversary of my 25 years in radio back in the spring of 2021. There’s a whole, hilarious story that goes along with my first break on my first radio show. You can read about that here, as well as listen to a clip from that first show and check out some of my favorite albums from my first 25 years in broadcasting.


What I’m talking about here is the anniversary of my first paid radio show. I started interning at the late, legendary WFNX in January of 1997, courtesy of Northeastern’s world-renowned Co-Operative Education program. By the end of the year, I had earned the trust of my Music Director and mentor Laurie Gail. I worked as a board operator on Sunday nights, and was put on the on-air schedule to make my debut from midnight to 6 a.m. on Christmas, 1997.


So this past Christmas marked 25 years of getting paid (in some way, shape or form) to be on the radio (in some way, shape or form). Because I didn’t properly celebrate this milestone last Christmas, I decided to do so now, as February of 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of my debut as midday host at the late, legendary WBCN.


Adam 12 Revisits His Debut Boston Radio Show, 25 Years Ago

As I mentioned, and as you saw in the photo above, I still have that cassette tape of Christmas overnight debut on WFNX. It’s funny, though: the way I remembered it, my first break was either into our out of “Christmastime” by the Smashing Pumpkins. Turns out it wasn’t. Take a look and a listen below. And thanks for listening for all these years.