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Watch out, Corey Taylor: 10-Year-Old Zoë Franziska might be coming for your job real soon. Like, maybe later this year.


Add Franziska to the growing list of young musicians going viral for their amazing musical talents. The standard-bearer in this particular subgenre as of late as been, of course, the great Nandi Bushell. We’ve been keeping tabs on her for years now: her drum covers, her full-band work, her collabs with famous musicians and, most recently, her amazing performance at the Taylor Hawkins tribute.


But enough about Nandi. Let’s talk about Zoë. The clip below comes courtesy of the O’Keefe Music Foundation. Based in Ohio:

The O’Keefe Music Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) music organization that offers FREE music lessons, FREE music camps, FREE recording sessions and FREE music videos to young musicians from around the world!  With your help, all children, regardless of economic circumstance, gain access to high quality music education, top of the line instruments, professional recording equipment and the ability to follow their dreams!


Pretty cool, right? You can donate to them here.


Watch 10-Year-Old Zoë Franziska Rip Through a Slipknot Tune

This isn’t the kid’s first metal rodeo, by the way. Her cover of Korn‘s “Freak On A Leash” has already racked up millions of views on YouTube. And she was only 8 years old when she threw that one down! Clearly, the jump from 8 to 10–only two years to us, but a fifth of her young life, for perspective–has given her a bit more vocal range.


Zoë chose “The Heretic Anthem” off of Slipknot’s 2021 album Iowa. And it’s worth shouting out her guitar player. His name is Xander Markewich and he absolutely shreds the entire tune, including the guitar solo. Take a look below and marvel at the talent of these young metalheads.