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Nirvana Nintendo: Listen to ‘In Utero,’ Super Mario Style

Nirvana Nintendo. Just reading those two words together evokes warm fuzzies from the '90s. And if that's your vibe, you're in luck.   Let's first travel back to 1993. That's when Nirvana released their final studio album, In Utero. It dropped on September of that year. By April of the following year, Kurt Cobain would be dead. As I'm typing this, I'm actually looking at the calendar and realizing that tomorrow marks the anniversary of his death. Which, eerily enough, also happens to be the anniversary of the death of another Seattle grunge legend, Layne Staley. We'll have to revisit those later.   Back to the topic at hand, and back into our time machine. Now, we're tine-hopping forward to 1996 (but still back in time; weird how that works). Just about 3 years after Nirvana released In Utero, Nintendo released Super Mario 64, in September of '96. It was remarkable for being the first Mario game to feature 3D gameplay, and also for helping to sell a ton of Nintendo 64 gaming consoles. The game itself moved a lot of units, too: it's the best-selling Nintendo 64 game, with 12 million sold as of 2015.   Nirvana Nintendo: Listen to 'In Utero,' Super Mario Style So what happens if we put the two together? YouTuber Something is Real did just that. The video they created, Nirvana's In Utero but with the SM64 soundfont, is the album, in it's entirety, that sound like it's being played inside a Nintendo 64 during a round of Super Mario 64.   I love this because I used to play my original Nintendo Entertainment System with the sound off and tapes by bands like Nirvana turned on while busting through the Mega Man series. Peak '90s nostalgia. Had the tech existed to transform my favorite '90s albums into NES-style soundtracks back in the day? Damn. Take a listen below.

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