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Cuomo took a little over two decades between the various album and tour cycles with Weezer to earn his English degree from Harvard, but he finally did it in 2006.

When you hear the music of Weezer, you don’t normally say: “this sounds good, but it would sound GREAT if Ozzy Osborne was singing it!”


Weezer are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 2001 Green Album this year, so naturally it’s been coming up in conversation when Rivers Cuomo has been sitting down for interviews. In this recent Guitar World piece, Cuomo shares that one of the songs he wrote for the album almost ended up on an Ozzy album:

“Once, I think it was in 2000, he [Osbourne] asked if I had any songs for him, and I just happened to have written Hash Pipe. I sent it to him, but he didn’t end up using it. In another reality, it might be interesting to hear him singing that song.”


I dunno, Rivers. That’s a tough one to wrap my mind around. I think “Hash Pipe” makes a lot more sense as a Weezer song.


Then again, Weezer did cover Black Sabbath on their Teal Album, so…