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Mac Sabbath perform in their "Pair-a-Buns" video.

What, you didn’t know there was a band that dressed up like McDonald’s characters and parodied Black Sabbath songs? Well, now you do.


Mac Sabbath exploded out of the L.A. underground metal scene in 2014 with their cover of “Iron Man,” reimagined as “Frying Pan.”

Mac Sabbath "Frying Pan"

The kings of Drive thru Metal perform "Frying Pan" LIVE! More info at


From there on, the kings of “Drive Thru Metal”–vocalist Ronald Osbourne, guitarist Slayer McCheese, bassist Grimalice, and drummer Catburglar–got hotter than a fresh batch of fries, dropping a video for “Pair-a-Buns.”

Mac Sabbath "Pair-a-Buns" (Official Video)

A Video by Mac Sabbath, PAIR-A-BUNS. With LYRICS and SUBTITLES!!Filmed and Edited by: Jesus Rivera (Demonbabies)Claymation Sequences by: Brad Uyeda Song R...


Get their ever-growing list of 2021 tour dates here. And before you ask: yes, Ozzy knows about the band. And he’s met them.

Ozzy Meets Mac Sabbath | Ozzy & Jack's World Detour

You know Black Sabbath, but have you heard of Mac Sabbath? Just like the heavy metal pioneers, this band is here to warn you of the evils of the world... exc...