Three of the Loneliest States in American Are Right Here in New England

Wanna get away? From it all? Like, all of it?

These are the Loneliest States in New England!

And these New England states top the Loneliest in America list!

We’re not surprised.

According to Aging in Place, we have some seriously sad conditions here in New England!

New England, folks, is lonely!

The website used such criteria as percentage of single-person households, higher search frequency for dating and friendship apps, divorce rates, and percentage of widows.

They found that three New England states have the highest rates of loneliness!

What is loneliness?

The site says that loneliness refers to dissatisfaction with one’s life, including social connections and life expectations, so searching for a sense of security elsewhere is a sign that someone feels uneasy and alone.

(If you are feeling lonely, it can be difficult to find a way out of that. Making friends or starting new relationships aren’t easy for lots of people, whether that’s due to a lack of social outlets or simply because you are a bit of an introvert, the website suggested)

There are some ways in which you can connect with others and deal with feelings of loneliness. Here are just a few tips that may help you to feel less alone, no matter what your situation is.

So where are most people alone and miserable?

Good news: Massachusetts ranks #36. We may be rude to each other, but we’re also here for each other!

Here are the rankings:

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