Massachusetts Has Two Of The Best Startups Of 2023

For the past seven years, LinkedIn has analyzed various data points to compile a report of the best new businesses across the country. Yesterday, the 2023 edition was released, and two Massachusetts companies were named among the best startups. Innovation is one of the primary requirements that LinkedIn looks for. "This year’s honorees have trailblazed their way through recent economic and workplace challenges — and managed to stand out to investors and top talent along the way," they say. The categories studied to compile this list include jobseeker interest, employee growth, engagement within the company and its employees, and how well the startups found talent from the LinkedIn Top Companies list (which was published in April). Although the industries include everything from financial services, to software, to food and beverage, the 50 startups on this list do have a mission in common. LinkedIn describes it as, "actionable insights on the roles, skills and functions in demand." So, where do you need to go in Massachusetts to find the best startups of 2023? Well, both happen to be in Boston. #29 Overjet - software development Overjet describes their business model as "improving lives with dental AI." This organization currently has 120 employees. They pride themselves on being the dental industry's global leader in artificial intelligence. They are located at 560 Harrison Ave, in Boston. Currently, Overjet has 20 open opportunities to join their team. #5 Cohere Health - software development Although technically, Cohere Health is in a different industry, they are also AI-driven. Their approach, however, is to leverage AI to transform "utilization management and prior authorization from an inefficient burden into a strategic asset," they say. Since 2019, Cohere Health has built to approximately 570 employees. Their headquarters is located at 239 Causeway St. in Boston. They currently have 23 career openings. Boston was the only New England market that is the home to some of the best small businesses of 2023. The only other market in the northeast outside of Massachusetts was New York City, which had 14 of the 50 best startups, according to LinkedIn. [select-gallery gallery_id="610385" syndication_name="massachusetts-brewery-is-crushing-it-with-their-merchandise" description="yes"]

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