Fight on Spirit Airlines Flight to Boston

A fight on Spirit Airlines flight to Boston has been caught on video by a local traveler. Nicole from Framingham was able to capture the fight on video and upload it to Youtube.

How The Fight On Spirit Airlines Flight To Boston Started

The fight was between two parties and it is not clear why they were arguing in the first place. The planed had just touched down in Boston after leaving Myrtle Beach, South Carolina around 9:39 p.m. Upon landing in Boston shortly before midnight, the fight began. In the video you can see the two parties arguing and then punches were thrown. At first you can see a flight attendant try to break it up but she quickly removed herself.

“If you are not a part of this fight, please leave the plane”

After the flight attendants calmed down the situation, the two parties left the plane. The most entertaining part of the video is when the flight attendant goes in the intercom and asks those that aren’t part of the flight to leave the plane.”

The father of Nicole Grome wanted to shout out the flight attendants who were able to deescalate the situation. Allen Grome said he could hear the two men shouting for a good portion of the two hour flight but could not figure out why. After getting off the plane, Boston police say the victim in the incident was not injured and did not want to press any charges. The passengers involved have been banned from any future Spirit Airlines flights.

According to a statement about the Fight On Spirit Airlines Flight From Boston, the airline said: “Law enforcement was requested due to a disturbance that occurred as Spirit Airlines flight 3907 (MYR-BOS) was deplaning in Boston (BOS) on May 7. We do not tolerate disruptive behavior of any kind, and the passengers involved are no longer welcome on any of our flights.”

The Fight On Spirit Airlines isn’t the only meltdown we’ve seen on planes. The video below contains some NSFW language. Please view at your own discretion. In the meantime, we thought about other famous meltdowns on flights. Below are some of the ones that received the most headlines.

More Famous Airplane Incidents Over the Years

  • Diarrhea plane!

    Who can forget the diarrhea plane. The person who had the horrible diarrhea that ended up all up and down the aisles of a Delta flight. A biohazard team had to clean the plane. The flight turned around and the sick passenger was taken off the plane.

    Passengers onboard diarrhea plane share ordeal: 'It was dribbled down the aisle, smelled horrible'

    Passengers on board a Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona, Spain have started to speak out about what they endured when the aircraft was forced to turn back just two hours into the eight-hour journey after someone had diarrhea.

  • Woman sees alien on plane?

    Tiffany Gomas was caught on video in distress saying something wasn’t real on her plane. The video went viral and Tiffany says she had gotten into a disagreement with a passenger, nothing more. She received a citation and was not arrested.

    Viral 'Not Real' Plane Woman Explains What She Saw on That Fateful and Perplexing Day

    Tiffany Gomas, the person who may or may not be real, explained what went down when she said "that motherf*cker back there is not real" during the viral incident.

  • Man yells over crying baby

    This man went viral after getting frustrated over a screaming baby. The man screamed profanities at flight attendants because he was upset that the baby had been screaming the whole flight. Everyone on the plane was forced to deplane.

  • Mike Tyson gets in altercation with fan

    A drunk passenger was “f**king with him” meaning Mike Tyson during his flight a couple years ago. Mike told the story saying he got fed up. After repeatedly telling the fan to leave him alone, Mike took the matters into his own hands. Tyson did not face charges but is facing a lawsuit.

  • "Instagram famous" woman seen yelling at passengers

    Morgan Osman got into a fight with a passenger on her flight. After telling everyone she was “instagram famous” she called another man a bum. The passengers laughed at her.

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