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This One Hack Will Help You Keep Your New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution Hack If you want to keep your New Year's resolution, we have a hack! It's that time of the year when we trade our leftover holiday cookies for kale smoothies. And then promise ourselves we'll finally hit the gym more than once a month. Ah, the New Year's resolutions –  as likely to stick as a Post-It note in a hurricane. Let's face it: keeping New Year's resolutions is like trying to teach a cat to tap dance. Take the classic "get fit" resolution, for instance. You strut into the gym on January 1st, confident and ready to conquer. What happens? You find  yourself gasping for breath on a treadmill by January 5th, wondering why you thought squats were a good idea in the first place. And don't even get me started on the resolution to "save money." You set a budget, swear off online shopping, and suddenly, there's a sale on that thing you didn't know you needed until right now. It's like the universe has a direct line to your wallet, whispering, "Resistance is futile." Let's not forget the resolution to "eat healthier." You start the year determined to embrace a diet of quinoa and kale, but then someone mentions pizza, and suddenly, your newfound commitment to leafy greens goes out the window faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer. Oh, and the resolution to "stress less"? That's the unicorn of New Year's resolutions. Life throws curveballs like it's auditioning for the World Series, and suddenly, your stress-free bubble bursts. So, here's the deal, resolution rebels: There is a New Year Resolution Hack and we are going to help you! If you want to keep your New Year's resolution, start it NOW.  The idea is if you can stick with it in December, you've got no excuses.  You'll prove to yourself you're capable of it. That's according to Peloton star Robin Arzón, who's doing her annual "3 for 31 challenge" this month.  That's where you commit to walking 3 miles or doing 30 minutes on a bike every day in December. She says if you can do it now and stick with it all month then, quote, "how dare you tell yourself" you can't do it the rest of the year too?  In other words, you might prove to yourself that you're more capable than you thought.      

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