Massachusetts residents want to relocate. But where?

Well, Massachusetts residents have a top three, and the good news:

They’re pretty close by.

A new study revealed the top states each US state wants to relocate to or move to.

Real estate company Hypewired examined which US states people want to relocate to by analyzing Google search data.

So how did they figure it out?

The study looked at search terms such as “move to”, “relocate to”, and “homes in” followed by the name of each state, and then looked at the combined searches for each US state name to find which were the most popular relocation destinations.

So, are you one of them? There are lots of reasons to want to move:

People in Massachusetts are eyeing the exit signs for a change of scenery.

First up, the taxes! Massachusetts is like that clingy ex who can’t let go of your paycheck. High property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes – they’re all here, and they’re not leaving you any love notes.

Then, there’s the weather. Winter in Massachusetts? More like an episode of “Frozen.” Folks are dreaming of palm trees, not icicles hanging from their noses.

And let’s not forget the cost of living. Rent prices that make your eyes water, and don’t get me started on how much a cup of coffee costs in Boston. You’ll need a second job just to feed your caffeine habit.

But where are the escape routes? How about sunny California, where beach bums and tech geeks unite? Or the Lone Star State, Texas, where everything’s bigger, including the BBQ servings! And Florida, where retirees go to pretend they’re 30 again.

So, if you’re looking to trade lobster rolls for fish tacos or Dunkin’ for In-N-Out, it might be time to say “later” to Massachusetts. You won’t miss those snow shovels, traffic jams, or that “wicked expensive” lifestyle.

Massachusetts’ top three most aspired states to move to are:

  • New Hampshire

    Live free or die? Live cheaper and live more like it! The average house price in NH $431,461, which is 27.0% lower than in Massachusetts, where the average is $590,793.

    Massachusetts residents want to relocate. But where? New Hampshire lake with boaters

  • Maine

    You can get there from here! The average house price in Maine is $389,848, which is $200,945 less expensive than in Massachusetts.

    Massachusetts resident want to relocate. tourists in Maine

  • Rhode Island

    Nutty for Newport or Narraganset? You should be! The average house price is going for $436,612 in this area, which is a 26.1% decrease compared to Massachusetts’ average house price.

    Massachusetts Residents Want to Relocate. Photo of Newport RI bridge

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