Best Logan Airport Restaurants – 6 Places to Get the Best Meal in Logan

Airport food gets a baaaaaaaaaadddd wrap! Not without reason though, I remember many a bad meal at an airport while I was growing up. Thankfully a lot has changed as far as the quality of airport food goes. You can find a variety of cuisines and even breweries inside airports nowadays. Logan Airport actually has some pretty dang good eats! So... for any of you who have clicked on this article to try to avoid flying on an unsatisfied stomach, FEAR NOT! I'm about to arm you with the 6 Best Logan Airport Restaurants so you can start (or wrap up) your trip right! Before the Best Logan Airport Restaurants, How Does Logan's Culinary Offerings Compare to Other US Airports? Food & Wine Magazine ranked the Top 10 US airports for the best food options and Logan International Airport finished...... nowhere in the Top 10. There was even an extra "Editor's Pick" added onto the Top 10 - it wasn't Logan - so that means that Logan Airport isn't even in the Top 11 of the Top 10 best airports for grubs and noms. Disappointing. But again, we got you! Logan International Airport has plenty of delicious enough options ready for you. Maybe not Food & Wine good... but that's ok, I'm probably not fancy enough to hang with them anyway. Especially in my travel clothes. lol These are the 6 Best Logan Airport Restaurants. Go to any of these and unless someone's having a really bad day, you'll get a meal that'll make you say "dang, I forgot we were in an airport!" Until you remember the pile of carry-on's tucked tightly next to your table. I'll give you the restaurant, a quick description, a dish recommendation, and where it's located inside Logan International Airport. That way you can check your gate and find the nearest delicious destination from the Top 6.

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