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#1 Ice Cream Flavor In Massachusetts Is Wild

Hey, ice cream lovers, are you ready for some delicious news? The experts over at Affordable Seating did some serious detective work, scouring Google search data to discover which ice cream flavors reign supreme in every US state. T hey looked at over 100 flavors, analyzing keywords like "[flavor] ice cream" and "how to make homemade [flavor] ice cream." And what they discovered, is, in a word, wild! First up, the #1 ice cream flavor in Massachusetts. It turns out Bay Staters can't get enough of Moose Tracks. This flavor tops the charts with an impressive 1,497 average monthly searches. Who can blame them? That mix of chocolate fudge, peanut butter cups, and vanilla ice cream is irresistible. But Moose Tracks isn’t the only flavor in town. Neapolitan, the classic trio of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, takes second place with 1,290 searches. Looks like folks in Massachusetts enjoy an icy hat trick of flavor. And it's not just a local favorite. Neapolitan wins the popularity contest across the entire US, racking up a whopping 60,200 searches each month. Now that's a lot of Neapolitan love. This is kind of surprising. Vanilla is anything but, and scoops up the third spot in Massachusetts with 1,231 searches. It's a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Also, don't sleep on McDonald's vanilla cone. It might be made of chemicals, but it's SO delicious. Following close behind, Spumoni—a delightful mix of cherry, pistachio, and chocolate—comes in fourth with 937 searches. Um, never even heard of it! Rounding out the top five is Rocky Road, with 920 searches. Marshmallows, nuts, and chocolate—what's not to love? But wait, there’s more! Affordable Seating didn’t stop at Massachusetts. They dug deep into the preferences of ice cream aficionados nationwide. From Superman (a colorful blast of fruity flavors) to rum raisin, they left no scoop unturned. Whether you're craving a "mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe" or hunting for "salted caramel ice cream near me," this study has all the sweet details. So next time you’re debating which flavor to try, remember: the internet has spoken. And it’s saying, "Pass the Moose Tracks!" So, grab a spoon, dive into your favorite flavor, and let’s celebrate the creamy, dreamy world of ice cream.

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