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Massachusetts Has The Colleges With The Highest Earning Graduates in America

Massachusetts College Grads Make More Money Looking to boost that bank account and snag a sweet job straight out of  college? Pack your bags and head to Massachusetts. Because the Bay State is the best for your post-grad bottom line. Massachusetts is like a magnet for smarty pants. We've got brainiacs everywhere you look. And you know what that means? Top-notch colleges. From Harvard to MIT, we're swimming in academic excellence. According to a new study, Massachusetts grads are raking in the dough right out of the gate. Who doesn't love starting their career with some extra cash in their pocket? Massachusetts College Grads Make More Money On average, people who graduate from a Massachusetts college rake in a cool $59,862 annually, just four years post-grad. And guess who's laughing all the way to the bank? MIT grads. They're sitting pretty with a whopping $129,392 in their pockets each year. Connecticut and New Jersey aren't slouches, either. Connecticut's grads are hauling in $59,356 on average, while New Jersey's are pocketing $58,904. What's the secret sauce behind these stacks of cash? Well, the Higher Education experts DegreeChoices dug into the data. They crunched numbers from over 5,500 colleges, focusing on grads four years post-degree, and found Massachusetts reigns supreme. Connecticut's big earners? American Sentinel College of Nursing and Health Science alumni, snatching $91,818 a year.  And in New Jersey, the Stevens Institute of Technology's grads are rolling in green, pulling in $94,319 annually. California nabbed the fourth spot with grads pulling in $58,441 on average. Caltech alums are the real MVPs, earning a sweet $139,418 each year. Nevada's grads are hauling in $58,376 annually. Roseman University of Health Sciences? Their grads are cashing in big time, bagging $90,036 a year, four years post-grad. Rhode Island is home to the seventh highest-earning graduates in America. People who graduated from Rhode Island institutions pocketed an average annual salary of $57,255 four years after leaving college. Despite having an Ivy League college in Brown University, Bryant University produces the highest-earning graduates in the state, with alumni earning $74,390 on average.   Coming in at #8, New Hampshire is also where some of America’s highest-earning graduates can be found. New Hampshire grads earn an estimated $55,482 four years after graduating. Dartmouth College produces the highest-earning graduates in the state, with graduates reaching $90,893 annually.

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