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Boston’s Only Cat Cafe Purring to Life in March on Beacon Hill

Boston's only cat cafe is opening next month on Beacon Hill. That's some meow-some news! A Sanctuary Cafe will open in Boston this March.  Boston's only cat cafe will offer Bostonians the chance to play with its furry cats-in-residence. The cat cafe will open at 80 Charles Street, right down the street the beloved Beacon Hill Books & Cafe. (Have you been there yet? It's like stepping into a book-lover's fantasy.) A Sanctuary Cafe will also feature books, but people are mostly there to fraternize with the felines. You get to pet and snuggle with kitties. Warning: you can't bring your own cats. It's been a long haul for Boston's only cat cafe. According to the website, they don't have an official opening date: "We have had many, many conversations about how the logistics of opening will happen: will the cafe, bookstore and cat lounge all open at the same time? Are we doing everything we can to make the cats' transition to the space (and then the public) as easy as possible? We have decided a few important things we wanted to share with you: "1. We won't have an "official" opening date or grand opening, and instead our opening will happen in phases. "2. The cafe and bookstore areas will open before the cat lounge so the cats have extra time to settle in. We are so lucky that our supporters agree with our "cats first" policy and understand the importance of going at the cats' pace! "3. We will announce through the newsletter each new phase and when reservations for the cat lounge become available. (And don't forget that with our enormous front window and interior window walls, there will be plenty of cat-watching opportunities the moment cats arrive at 80 Charles—hopefully in 2-3 weeks!)" Good news! They are hiring for two positions. And the cafe will serve coffee and tea and a rotating selection of pastries and desserts.   https://www.instagram.com/p/C2p9Bj7uDJG/?hl=en&img_index=1

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