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7 Ridiculous 80s and 90s Exercise Trends We’re Glad Are Gone Forever

Ridiculous 80s and 90s Exercise Trends We're Glad Are Gone Forever Suzanne Somers died this weekend. Somers is known for her turn as Chrissy Snow on the 70s sitcom "Three's Company". But her real claim to fame (and fortune!) is the ThighMaster. In the wacky world of exercise gadgets, few have had us shaking our heads and our thighs quite like Somers' ThighMaster. This quirky contraption made Suzanne a millionaire, and it's a story that'll make you raise your eyebrows (and maybe your thighs). Picture it: The '90s. Neon spandex, scrunchies, and ThighMasters were all the rage. Somers, best known for her role on "Three's Company," introduced the world to this thigh-tightening device, and oh boy, did it take off like a rocket on leg day! So, what's the deal with this spring-loaded sensation? Well, it's simple. You squeeze the ThighMaster between your legs. Sounds kind of weird, right? But Suzanne made it look cool. She'd flash that million-dollar smile while effortlessly getting her thigh workout in, and people couldn't resist. It's like she had the Midas touch, but for thighs. Ridiculous 80s and 90s Exercise Trends Suzanne's clever marketing played a massive role in the ThighMaster's success. Those infomercials, with her enthusiastic pitches and before-and-after testimonials, convinced countless folks that they absolutely needed a ThighMaster in their lives. The infomercials were like a 2 a.m. siren call, and we couldn't help but pick up the phone and order one. And the best part? Suzanne was laughing all the way to the bank. She reportedly made millions from ThighMaster sales and even expanded her empire with workout videos and books. Who knew squeezing a piece of metal between your legs could be so lucrative? The ThighMaster may have seemed like a crazy exercise trend, but it's a testament to the power of marketing and the charisma of its pitchwoman, Suzanne Somers. So next time you're thinking about working on your thighs, just remember – you can thank Suzanne for the giggles, grins, and well-toned gams!

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