8 Boston Area Restaurants You MUST Try Before 2024, Voted On By You

It has been an amazing year in Boston for dining out. Restaurants are flourishing and people have been dining out this year more than ever. There have been some amazing new restaurants to open in the city and some token favorites that have continued to shine. We have asked you, the ones who dine out most often, which restaurants are your favorites. We've gotten a wide variety of responses and have put them into this list of restaurants you must try before the new year begins. First, when asked about our favorite restaurants, the main characteristics of what makes a good restaurant is the taste of the food, the variety of the menu, the value, the atmosphere and even things like parking can help boost a restaurant's popularity. In the case of this particular post, we are only asking for Boston area restaurants so any from western, central, southern Massachusetts won't be considered. We're also taking into account the type of cuisine served at each restaurant so we can get several types of restaurants represented. We asked you, and these are the restaurants that were mentioned more than once for all different types of reasons. We have picked the top 8 from our survey, including a couple of our own. These restaurants continue to get stunning reviews from critics and have very high ratings on Yelp and Open Table along with other food rating websites. If we have missed any, please feel free to let us know. We are always looking for new restaurants to try.

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