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We have another optical illusion type post to debate. You’ll remember the infamous viral debate of the color of “the dress?” Was the dress white and gold or blue and black? Not sure it was ever proven but there was an explanation for it. It had something to do with your brain and wave lengths and different activity in each side of your brain. But now, we have another debate that’s not as easy to explain.

The woman goes by @wheatpraylove on IG, posted the picture with this caption: “I went wedding dress shopping and the fabric of reality crumbled. This is a real photo, not photoshopped, not a pano, not a Live Photo. If you can’t see the problem, please keep looking and then you won’t be able to unsee it. Full story in my highlights (THE MIRROR) Please enjoy this glitch in the matrix/photo that me nearly vomit in the street.” She then went on to explain the truth behind the photo in a highlight on her IG stories.

She says she took the photo to an Apple store and talked to a “genius” named Roger who was able to explain what happened. It had something to do with taking pictures is like taking a series of images from left to right and at the exact moment the picture crossed her back, it raised her arms and created an image that only 1 out of a million would create. You can get her complete story by going to her IG story.

This made us think, what about all of the other optical illusion photos that have been debated for years and are still being debated today. Let’s revisit some of them shall we. Are we seeing things or are these just great photo shopped images.

  • White and Gold or Blue and Black dress?

    We all remember the white and gold or blue and black dress. Which one was it? It all depended on your brain activity and how you saw things. This happened 8 years ago can you believe it?

    The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress

    Not since Monica Lewinsky was a White House intern has one blue dress been the source of so much consternation. (And yes, it's blue.) The fact that a single image could polarize the entire Internet into two aggressive camps is, let's face it, just another Thursday.

  • "Green needle or brainstorm?"

    Remember this one? It was an audio recording and everyone heard something different. It was either green needle or brainstorm. It racked up 5 million views in just a few days.

    'Green Needle' or 'Brainstorm'? A Puzzling Audio Clip Is Burning Up the Internet

    A new TikTok asks people to decided whether they hear "green needle" or "brainstorm"?

  • "Yanny or Laurel"

    Another audio illusion. Do you hear Yanny or Laurel in this audio clip. This has something to do with audio frequency and the world is definitely split.

    Yanny or Laurel? The science behind the audio version of The Dress

    Yanny, or Laurel? This audio illusion, which went viral after first appearing on Reddit, has the internet torn. Obviously something was going on - so we called up some scientists to help us figure it out.

  • Grey and Green or Pink and White sneakers

    Another optical illusion that took over our social feeds in 2019 where a woman was asking what colors everyone sees. It swept social media and again was explained by which side of your brain is the most dominant.

    Grey And Green Or Pink And White? Optical Illusion Shoe Divides Internet

    Years after the dress that broke the Internet and spawned a dozen more optical illusions, another picture is here to make you scratch your head. A picture of a shoe has gone massively viral online, and people can't seem to agree upon what colour it is.

  • A day at the beach or the bottom of a car

    Is this a day at the beach or the bottom of a car that needs to be repaired? It depends on if you are more artistic or less artistic. More artsy people allegedly see the beach when in actuality, it’s a car.

  • What's on her legs? Paint or are they shiny?

    This picture went viral of a woman’s legs. Hunter Culverhouse uploaded it to IG and said “I had some white paint left on my brush and put random lines on my legs, turned out to be a completely confusing picture for everyone on the Internet.”

    Shiny legs or white paint? The Internet is going crazy over Instagram picture

    The Internet is in a tizzy over a picture of a woman's legs which appear to be covered in white paint to some and oiled up and shiny to others.

  • Kendall Jenner's missing legs

    This picture went viral back in 2017 and people immediately were wondering what happened to Kendall’s legs? Answer: they are under the dress.

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