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Somerville Restaurant Named One Of the Best New Restaurants In The Country

Esquire magazine has come out with its list of the best NEW eateries in America and there is a restaurant from Massachusetts on the list.  The men's fashion and culture magazine releases this list annually and they look at restaurants in several major cities. Besides Boston, restaurants on the list include New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Denver, Miami, Atlanta, Honolulu, Chicago, Louisville, New Orleans, St Louis, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and more.  Here in Boston, we can take pride that we have a wide variety of amazing restaurants. The fact that only ONE made this list is a little shocking but you know what, we'll take it. The only restaurant from Massachusetts to make the list is:  Lehrhaus restaurant in Somerville.  According to a write up from the magazine: "I've been to thousands of restaurants in the past couple of years, but I hadn't truly felt at home until I walked into Lehrhaus, a Jewish tavern and house of learning.  Maybe it was the Lactaid dispenser. Maybe it was the mural of Leonard Cohen above the hand dryer in the men's room. Or the conversation at the bar: Henry James on one side, refundability of plane tickets to Miami on the other. Could have been the Samsonian bartender's 'Nazi Lives Don't Matter' T-shirt or the mensch-seeks-mensch meetup in the library." They also go into detail about the chefs (chef Alex Artinian and chef Noah Clickstein) saying their food is not only delicious but a revelation. To read more about Lehrhaus, CLICK HERE.  Lehrhaus is located at 425 Washington Street in Somerville. If you want to see which other eateries made the list nationwide, you can check out Esquire's list HERE. 

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