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Jaylen Brown Gets Lost Ring Back, And Hands Out Once In A Lifetime Reward

Jaylen Brown gets lost ring back. You'll remember, after the Celtics celebrated their NBA championship winning parade, Jaylen Brown had made a plea to fans. He posted on social media that he was looking for his "7UICE" ring which is white and gold with the "7UICE" logo in the center with a green "7". He promised a big reward for anyone who happened to find and and turn it in. Well he certainly delivered. Jaylen Brown rewards fans who found his ring Jaylen posted on his Instagram story yesterday that yes indeed his ring was found. He not only showed off the ring but he posted a video of when the fans who found it returned it to him. The video shows Jaylen pulling up to two fans, Luke and Adi, who had been keeping the ring in a pouch with the hopes of giving it back to Jaylen. Jaylen is seen getting out of an SUV and shakes the hands of the couple. After thanking them profusely, he hands them an autographed basketball along with an autographed jersey. The fans told Jaylen to take them back and "reinvest them in the community." Jaylen responded no, saying "one act of kindness is what we need." Jaylen ended up posting the video on his IG story and along with the basketball and jersey, he invited Luke and Adi to the Celtics ring ceremony. He posted "see you courtside at the (ring emoji) ceremony." Travis Scott commented about why he's a Celtics fan The act of kindness has gone viral and one rapper who appreciated it as much as we did is Travis Scott. Travis commented "Another reason why 🍀 my fav. Fans just get it." Other people commented that most people missed an envelope Jaylen gave the couple. Was it cash? Or was it the courtside seats to the ring ceremony? We'll never know.

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