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7 Celebrities Running the Boston Marathon This Year

There are several celebrities running the Boston marathon on Monday. But before we let you know who they are, let's run down some of the fun facts about the race we are all very familiar with. Fun facts about the Boston marathon First off, I bet you didn't know that the Boston marathon is the oldest (dating back to 1897) and the fastest (median time of 3:44) marathon in the country.  It always coincides with Patriots Day which is a holiday that is only observed by six states. Massachusetts, Florida, Maine, Wisconsin, Connecticut and North Dakota are the only states to observe it. About 500,000 spectators will line the marathon route which runs from Hopkinton right into Boston. Wanting to run the race? You must get a qualifying time OR you can also enter a few other ways. A limited number of media and friends of race staff are welcome. And if you're feeling charitable,  you can get in raising money for a charity. Runners raise over $15,000,000 a year running the marathon. Celebrities who've run the Boston marathon in the past Since the Boston marathon is one of the most if not THE most prestigious in the world, many look to conquer it. Celebrities like Will Ferrell have run it in the past. He ran it in 2003 with a finishing time of 3:56:12. Mario Lopez of Saved By the Bell ran it in 2002. Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block ran it in 2013, the same year as the marathon bombing. Of course Patriots legend Tedy Bruschi has run it as well. Celebrities running the Boston marathon this year So who will be running it in 2024? There are a variety of celebrities from all different genres of the industry. Here are some of the more notable ones. Best of luck to everyone running!

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