It was the commercial that broke the internet. If you were watching last night’s Super Bowl, you saw the meaning of DunKings. At first, you probably had no idea what that was. But thanks to Ben Affleck, Jack Harlow, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jennifer Lopez and other special guests we found out first hand.

We heard rumblings of this commercial in the past week, but had no idea what it would entail or what exactly a “DunKing” was. But we found out last night.

During the one-minute-long commercial, Jennifer is seen in a studio with Ben Affleck and Jack Harlow sitting in a car contemplating if they should “do this.” Ben convinces Jack, and he busts in with the rest of his “DunKings” which also included Tom Brady as the DJ and Matt Damon as “my partner.”

Matt responded, “Sometimes it’s really hard to be your friend.” The group then broke into a song and dance that rivaled a Backstreet Boys sound. Matt responded, mocking his infamous line in Good Will Hunting, by saying, “How do you like them donuts?”

Fat Joe and J Lo looked embarrassed. J Lo tells Ben, “we talked about this.” Ben tells her she’s blinded by the pin stripes, referring to her being a Yankees fan and from the Bronx. She then tells Tom Brady, “you can stay.” Ben and Matt are seen walking into the sunset where Ben tells Matt “chill, they’re naming the drink after us.” Thus, the DunKings is born.

Fan reaction after the commercial aired was hilarious. Watch the commercial below and check out some of the funniest reactions to the new DunKings ad.

According to Dunkin’, “Starting Monday, February 12 at 12 p.m. EST, fans can dive into The DunKings world with their merch collection, exclusively available at while supplies last. For fans who want to look like an official member of the squad, The DunKings’ very own tracksuits and fuzzy bucket hats are available for purchase.”


  • @Justavet11 wants the track suits they were wearing

    Those track suits are hilarious. The DunKings were wearing these bright orange Dunkin’ colored track suits. Apparently, Justavet11 wants to buy one. I highly doubt that will be doable. But it’s Dunkin’, who knows?

  • @whitey131313 says it was the best commercial hands down

    Super Bowl ads are always in competition with each other. Which brand will have the best ad during the game. According to “Whitey131313” Dunkin’ won that title hands down. Do you agree?

  • @titlecityboston says her love of Boston makes her want this coffee

    Being from Boston, we love our Dunkin’. TitlecityBoston says “As a Bostonian, I want this injected into my veins.” Most of us here would agree. You really aint from Boston if you don’t go to a Dunkin’ at least once. 

  • @jtackeff says he'll name his first born Dunkin' if he can get a track suit

    Apparently the track suits are a hot item. Jtackeff says he’ll name his first born Dunkin’ if he can get his hands on one. He’s not the only one. Plenty of others want to get their hands on one too.

  • @bestaffleck posted some great shots of the crew

    Love these pics. This twitter account posted some fun pictures that were taken during the shoot. Love how these guys genuinely love each other. It’s epic!

  • @dunkindonuts showed some outtakes of Tom Brady throwing the football, making us miss him greatly

    CAN WE HAVE TOM BRADY BACK PLEASE! This video of the boys having fun throwing the football through a target is hilarious. Let’s just say Tom still has it. Can we have him back?

  • @CatherineVaritek Jason Varitek's wife weighs in on the commercial

    Well it’s #Dunkin for the W. Jason Varitek of course the former Red Sox player. Catherine apparently loved the reference to the pin stripes.

  • @TMZ loved it,

    TMZ tweeted as soon as the ad was over. They posted a link to their site to watch the commercial. “THE #DUNKIN AD HAS US SCREAMING  #JenniferLopez and #MattDamon are MORTIFIED as #BenAffleck tries to be a pop star, and the ad also features #TomBrady, #FatJoe and #JackHarlow

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