Funny electronic sign in Massachusetts during the Top Gun Maverick era

Well, that just ruins our highway fun. You know them. You love them. Anytime you see them you try to take a picture (safely from the passenger seat of course.) But now, those funny and quirky highway signs here in Massachusetts (and the rest of the country for that matter) are about to become a thing of the past. The U.S. Federal Highway Administration has given states two years to implement all the changes outlined in its new 1,100-page manual released last month. This means any electronic signs that are meant to be funny or reference anything pop culture related will be banned starting in 2026 because they can be distracting or drivers could possibly misunderstand them.

The specific rules says all highway signs should be “simple, direct, brief, legible and clear” and should only be in place to warn drivers of crashes ahead, weather alerts and other delays. As you can expect, not everyone is happy about the change. According to Arizona state Rep. David Cook, “Why are you trying to have the federal government come in and tell us what we can do in our own state? Prime example that the federal government is not focusing on what they need to be.”

This got us thinking. There have been some hilarious highway signs here in Massachusetts over the past couple of years. Some of our favorites of course, “Use Yah Blinkah!” We have gone back and found some of our favorites. Of course, if we miss any, or if you have pictures of some of your favorites, let us know.

  • "Use Yah Blinkah!"

    Ahhh yes of course, the sign reminding us to use our directionals. The cute and playful part of this one…the fact that it’s written in our amazing Boston accent. What could be misconstrued about this?

  • "When you feel the need to speed, don't!"

    Melissa took the picture of this sign last year. This was posted during the release of Top Gun: Maverick. It of course used the reference from the movie “I feel the need. The need for speed!”

    Funny highway sign

    Funny electronic sign in Massachusetts during the Top Gun Maverick era

  • "Buckle up! Windshields hurt"

    This sign was obviously a play on using seat belts. It is meant to get people to buckle up so they won’t go through a windshield during an accident.

  • "Slow down you're already in Texas"

    This sign was used to get people to slow down. It was posted on the highway in Texas and people really got a kick out of it.

  • "Hocus Pocus drive with focus"

    This sign was posted around Halloween. It’s meant to be a play on the movie “Hocus Pocus.” Another sign that is considered a distraction.

  • "Don't be a stinker, use your blinker"

    This sign was one to get people to use blinkers. Although this one was NOT in Massachusetts so the Boston accent was not used in the writing of it.

  • "Driving fast and furious, that's Ludacris"

    This sign was a play on the Fast and Furious movies and of course the rapper Ludacris. You won’t be seeing anymore of these in two years.

  • "Stay off the naughty list obey the speed limit"

    This sign was posted obviously during the holidays. We can’t have anyone speeding because Santa won’t be good to you!

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