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World’s Oldest Train Driver Is An 81-Year-Old Boston Blue Line Driver

Helen Antenucci is an 81-year-old grandmother, and is now a Guinness World Records holder. She is now a record-holder for the world's oldest train driver. She's a Blue Line driver for the MBTA right here in Boston. Meet The World's Oldest Train Driver Helen Antenucci is 81-years-old and has been driving on the Blue Line since 1995. The Blue Line runs through the north-east area of Boston. Helen was 53 when she started her career as a train driver. She had five daughters and told Guinness World Records that, "It was a way to get me out of the house and get some peace and quiet." She trained for a few months in the rail yard, and that's where she learned how to operate the trains. Then under the supervision of an instructor, she started driving trains with actual passengers in them. When she started, Helen said that there were only a couple other female drivers. She said that fortunately she didn't experience any discrimination from riders or co-workers. She said, "I came from a well-known Italian family in east Boston, so no one dared to disrespect me,” Helen revealed. “Besides, when I worked, I did my job well and earned my place in the organization." (GWR website) Helen's Favorite Stop And Plans For Retirement The world's oldest train driver says that her favorite stop is Aquarium Station. She's actually an unofficial ambassador to the New England Aquarium. Why does she love it so much? Helen says, "The majority of people that get on or off my train there are families with children that are going to have a happy experience." She goes on to say, "The children are all excited; first about riding the train, and second, going to the aquarium. It’s so fun and heartwarming to see their happiness.” Is the world's oldest train driver about to retire? She says not yet, or ever. She says that she'll take her passengers where they need to go until they tell her she can't, but doesn't see that happening anytime soon. For Helen, she says every day she gets up, she gets to do what she loves, and not many people get to say that at her age. What T Riders Say About The World's Oldest Train Driver On The MBTA's Facebook page, when they made the announcement, there were hundreds of likes and comments for Helen. Here's some of what people had to say. "She’s awesome!!! I used to catch the train with her operating every morning!" - Robert "I ride the blue line 5 days a week so I do hear her sometimes. Her announcements are kind and welcoming. Thanks for your service." - Andres "Seeing everyone smile after hearing Helen’s announcements on the train is always a fun experience. Now she’s in the record books!" - Jennifer "Congrats!! This is awesome!! Love when Helen is driving the train on my way to work. She's makes the morning more bearable with her cheeriness and positivity! " - Jen "When I heard her voice (and wonderful Boston accent) for the first time after my Covid commuting hiatus, I burst into tears, all would be right in the world! So nice to learn more about her and happy that she is getting the recognition she deserves. Thank you Helen for bringing joy to so many, including this weary commuter." - Jennifer Looks like Helen has lots of Jen & Jennifer fans! Congratulations Helen! The world's oldest train driver is right in our backyard and we couldn't be more proud!

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