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Boston Celtics Playoff Anthem Debuts, Listen to “Get Your Green On”

Boston Celtics playoff anthem debuts. Yes, we have another Celtics anthem and it's fantastic! It was recorded by Boston's own "Money Mav" aka Maverik who has been recording Boston anthems for years. Maverik has worked in Boston radio for several years and is currently a DJ for the Boston Red Sox. When it comes to Boston sports, Mav likes to record anthems when our teams get to the playoffs. And this year is no exception with the Celtics. "Get Your Green On" The song is titled "Get Your Green On" and it is recorded over Missy Elliott's hit song "Get Ur Freak On." With lyrics like: "We lightin Luka up...shutting Kyrie down." "Banner 18 comin' straight back home to BEAN TOWN" and "Kyrie is a bummmmmmmmmmm" the song is bound to become the anthem for the rest of the NBA finals. Take a listen. And let us know what you think. And just like some of Maverik's previous sports anthems, don't be surprised if the Celtics are blasting this on the team plane. And don't be surprised if you hear it on ESPN.

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