JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA JANUARY 16: (SOUTH AFRICA OUT): Hooters Girls; Yana Aerts and Hailey Sprenger hold beers in front of the Angel shot poster at Hooters Restaurant on January 16, 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Angel shot poster is a drinks menu designed for women to safely communicate to restaurant assistant when they feel threatened or unsafe, by ordering specific signal drinks. (Photo by Cornel van Heerden/Foto24/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Looking for a place to take a new potential love on a date? Massachusetts, more so Boston in general, has a lot of areas to romance a new love. There are romantic restaurants, museums, parks, walking/hiking trails and so much more. But this post will not be tackling any of those places. Nope, not this time. You can definitely go find another blog post for that. This particular post will be celebrating all of the WRONG places to take a new date. And we have pulled out all the stops for this one. For this post, we have polled the audience. So all of these answers are coming from YOU!

Every city has places that no one should go when they’re looking for romance. In Boston, we definitely will mention the infamous “Mass and Cass” area of the city which as most know, is a drug infested area where many live who are very sadly victims of addiction. Yes, it’s a sad area and one you would or should NEVER take a first date. There are dozens more and we have gone through all the suggestions and picked our favorite 13.

Honorable mentions include, strip clubs (all of them in general not just one specifically). Other honorable mentions include the MBTA (orange line specifically), others also mentioned funerals for some reason. The McDonald’s on Mass Ave specifically was mentioned several times. This is mostly because it’s located right across from the infamous “Mass and Cass” area previously mentioned. Now all of these suggestions are well and good and should never be where you take a first date. But the following are our top 13. Definitely take notes and let us know if there are any we may have missed or that you would like to add. Nothing says love like Boston friends!

  • Encore Casino submitted by Jawgee Junior

    Jawgee suggests Encore Casino as a place NOT to take a first date. While he says “a roll of the dice” may be fun, there are many things at casinos that may be a turn off for some people.

    Encore Boston Harbor Hotel

    When it comes to luxury hotels in Boston, Encore Boston Harbor offers the finest in hotel resort accommodations. From lavishly appointed hotel rooms and suites to casual and fine dining restaurants, every need is met with impeccable service.

  • Picnic or scuba diving in the Charles River

    Charles River was submitted by a few people including Jädhoré Áucírob and Corey Rowell. The Charles River has been known as being one of the dirtiest rivers. Some may even say a dead body or two may be discovered. 

    Diving into the Charles' Dirty History

    The cities of Cambridge and Boston were settled along the Charles River to take advantage of its resources and beauty. Unfortunately, in the last 200 years, humans have used its flowing water as a dumping ground. This has caused major harm, turning the once pristine river into an infamously toxic waterway, and even inspiring the...

  • Simcos submitted by several including Carmen Belén and Melissa McCarthy

    Lydia Bronx Lopez also suggested Simcos which offers dine in, take out and delivery. It’s on Blue Hill Ave in Boston and many say it’s just not very romantic. 

  • The Squire submitted by Camille Nappa

    The Squire is an exotic dance club in Revere. Many complain that drinks are super hard to come by there. Not necessarily a place you’d want to take a first date.

  • Jacques submitted by Lora Piesco Goodman

    Jaques is Boston’s oldest drag cabaret and bar establishment offering nightly shows and karaoke. While many love going to Jacques for parties and just pure fun, many would agree it may not be a great first date place. 

  • Tobin Bridge submitted by Robert McCratic

    The Tobin Bridge is a popular bridge in the city of Boston that has been known for some drama over the years. Many deaths have been reported around the Tobin Bridge.

    Linked to Wife's Murder, Mate Jumps to His Death : Suspect: Husband leaps off Boston bridge after police discount story of gunman attacking couple.

    A man who told police his pregnant wife was fatally wounded by a robber as they left a hospital childbirth class killed himself this morning hours after becoming a suspect in the slaying, police said.

  • Hooters submitted by Emma Eliza

    Hooters has delicious wings. But let’s be honest, it may not be the best first date spot since the staff is scantily clad in little clothing. Although if that’s you and your date’s thing, go for it!

  • Dick's Last Resort submitted by Siobhan McCann

    Dick’s Last Resort is a restaurant known for the staff treating the customers like crap. They even throw insults at you. That is the fun of it. But some may not enjoy being belittled.

    Boston -

    Modal Box modal- Click here to edit the "modal-box" settings. This text is only for editing and will not appear after you publish the changes. Preview modal- Dick and his crews are hard at work. We have reopened in the following cities and look forward to having you join us: Panama City Beach Myrtle Beach...

  • Kelly's Roast Beef submitted by Devin Raye Schena

    Kelly’s is known here in the Boston area for its roast beef and lobster rolls. But for first dates? Probably not.

  • Boston Common at night when the rats take over

    The Boston Common is beautiful…during the day (sometimes at night). HOWEVER, when the lights go down, unfortunately the rats come out. If you don’t believe us, try going yourself.

    Why there are so many rats in Boston, and what officials are trying to do about it

    Rats. They're nasty, dirty, smelly little creatures and, since the pandemic, they've been running around Boston more than ever. Here's why.

  • The Golden Banana

    The Golden Banana is a popular strip club in Peabody. While they do offer comedy shows and other nightly entertainment, the fact that is really is a strip club may make  you want to think twice about going for a first date.

  • Centerfold's

    Another strip club that while it may be a beautiful place, a first date? Maybe not.

    Worlds Best Strip Clubs

    Read a review of Centerfolds in Boston, Massachusetts. Click to read reviews on a vast selection of strip clubs in Boston. Vote and share tips with our global strip club community

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