Um, there was a sitcom based in Gloucester called “Townies” starring everyone who would become famous and I’ve never heard of it?

There are so many UNBELIEVABLE things about this show, which was canceled after six episodes in 1996 and (temporarily) dashed the dreams of so many upcomers: Ron Livingston, Lauren Graham, Bill Burr, Jenna Elfman, Eric McCormack and Heather Matarazzo.


Bill Burr was billed as Billy Burr and he has hair!

Burr is a Canton townie and so am I, so I am SHOCKED I never knew about this. This was Burr’s first credited role and he’s come a long way since then. This summer, Burr will be the first comedian to play Fenway park, he’s an actor in the Star Wars universe, and his Netflix special “Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks” is one of the funniest specials ever.

Lauren Graham pre-Gilmore Girls!

It was four LONG years after Townies that Graham landed “Gilmore Girls” and made it big.

For Jenna Elfman, it didn’t take as long:

Elfman scored the gig that made her a 90s household name as Dharma in “Dharma & Greg” one year later. When Hollywood closes a door, it opens a window. Sometimes faster for some people.

This was BEFORE Ron Livingston broke up with Carrie Bradshaw with a Post-It Note!

Even Molly Ringwald can’t believe the untapped star power that was stewing in this sitcom: