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4 MA Towns Tie For “Worst BBQ” On Bogus Best BBQ Cities List

Anytime anyone makes a "Best Of" list, feathers get ruffled. As a Massachusetts resident, this Best BBQ Cities list ruffled mine. The list comes courtesy of LawnStarter, and it's a ranking of the Best BBQ Cities in America. They "looked at access to barbecue vendors and smokehouses, consumer ratings, competition awards, and the number of barbecue festivals, among 20 total metrics." They ranked 500 cities, which is a lot. As expected, Memphis, Houston, and both KCs landed in the Top 5. But way down below, a quartet of Massachusetts cities joined those tied for last at 480. So we're going to show them some love. Brockton Look, I'm not saying any of these four belong in the upper echelon of this Best BBQ Cities list. But that doesn't mean there's not good BBQ to be had. Rod's Smoked BBQ & Pizza on N. Main St. in the City of Champions will scratch your BBQ and pizza itch. Lawrence Expand your horizons and taste buds the next time you're in Lawrence, MA. Jason's Korean BBQ is on S. Union St. They offer all-you-can-eat Korean-style BBQ. And I can't mention Korean or Japanese BBQ without thinking of this straight banger from BUBBLE-B. New Bedford Back to the South Coast we go. The city best known for amazing Portuguese fare is the home of Churrascaria Novo Mundo, which incorporates a rotisserie for its BBQ-style chicken. There's plenty of other meat on the grill there, too. Quincy The City of Presidents should've landed a lot higher on the Best BBQ Cities list. Foodwise, Quincy might best be known as the home of the first Dunkin' Donuts. But it's also the home of Black's Creek BBQ, a food truck and catering service. So get out there and sample some MA BBQ! Or keep scrolling for North Shore roast beef!

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