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By “fans” we mean us. And by “spot” we mean “we follow Island Creek Oysters on IG,” so we saw their post about Steven Tyler in Duxbury.


Steven Tyler In Duxbury?

And you’re all like: “Big deal, doesn’t he live there?” Well, sort of. He’s famously lived in Marshfield and called the South Shore home just like many of his Aerosmith band mates. But he’s also hung his hat in New Hampshire, Nashville, and Maui. What makes this pop-up newsworthy though is Tyler’s voluntary return to rehab back in May for a drug relapse. So since that’s where he’s been living, technically, it’s encouraging to see him out and about.



“Love it when our friends visit us at work”

Yeah, we’d love it, too! The Island Creek crew took to IG to share pics from Tyler’s visit. And it wasn’t just with staff: fans got in on the fun, too. Of course, Tyler has been known over the years to pop up at various South Shore establishments and isn’t shy when fans ask for a pic. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Boston rocker who’s friendlier to his fans than Steven Tyler.


It’s not just a fun moment, but it’s an encouraging one. Given that Tyler has been back in rehab for over two months, that he feels healthy enough to head out and mug it up with the locals is a good sign. It points to things being on track for Aerosmith to make good on their rescheduled Fenway Park show this September 8th. If you haven’t entered to win tickets yet, you can do that here. And if you missed the news yesterday from Joe Perry about a potential forthcoming Aerosmith album, you can dive into that story here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m craving oysters.