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Every year on September 23rd, Vanyaland Editor-in-Chief Michael Marotta and I race to see who’ll remember this little-known Boston rock anniversary.


This year, Michael won the race. It’s true: on September 23, 1991–the night before Nirvana would change the world of rock forever with the release of their major-label debut Nevermind–the band played Boston. The gig was at Axis and it was part of the WFNX 8th Birthday Celebration.


And? Nirvana shared the bill with the Smashing Pumpkins. Let that one roll around in your brain: Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins on the same bill. Not at Lollapalooza, but at Axis on Lansdowne Street, 30 years ago.


Check out this footage of the first four songs in Nirvana’s headlining set: “Aneurysm,” “Drain You,” “School,” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Their set closer is featured, too. And the quality is way better than you’d expect.


You can listen in to the gig as well, courtesy of ex-FNX DJ Duane Bruce saving and sharing the archived audio.