Adam 12

11am - 4pm

Captured on cassette tape on June 18, 1996.

June 18, 1996. My first broadcast: 5-8 p.m. on Northeastern University’s 104.9 WRBB. That means I’ve been on the radio for 25 years.


Quick story about that first show: I prepped the hell out of it. The 5-8 p.m. block on WRBB at the time was for alternative and indie rock, right in my wheelhouse. I gathered a bunch of my favorite CDs and records from home, planned out my sets by genre, and even brought along a notebook to write it all down for posterity. You know what I didn’t bring? Headphones.


No worries, I thought. I’ll wing it. I cued up my first song, hit my background music, potted up the mic right after 5 p.m., and started my very first talk-break. As I was yapping, the co-op student working in the station’s office poked her head into my open studio door and gave me a quizzical look. I wrapped up my break, potted down the mic, and was informed by said co-op that my break didn’t go out over the air.


You see, I had potted up the mic, but I had neglected to TURN IT ON. Of course, had I been wearing headphones, I wouldn’t have made such a gaffe. 25 years on, I’ve at least figured that out.


You can hear audio from my first-ever radio show below. And I’ve been celebrating my anniversary by spotlighting some of my favorite albums, stations, and DJs from the last 25 years, so dig into those memories with me, too. Eternal gratitude to ROCK 92.9 Program Director Ken West, as well as Beasley Boston’s Mary Menna and Cadillac Jack. Thanks to them, I’m on the radio in Boston, celebrating 25 years. And thanks to you for listening, of course.