Adam 12

11am - 4pm

Weekdays at 3 p.m., Adam 12 plays a set of 3 songs that are somehow connected. It’s up to you to figure out the theme that connects them.


And here you were, thinking the 3-Way was something naughty. Or maybe now you’re craving a roast beef sandwich from your favorite spot on the North Shore? No matter: you can listen to the 3-Way @ 3 online, via the free ROCK 92.9 mobile app, or if you have Alexa, enable the ROCK 92.9 Boston skill then say: “Alexa, open ROCK 92.9.” Oh, and you can also play along on Twitter. 12 will post a recap here each day, so you can still play if you miss it live. Bragging rights are on the line, so make sure you’re tuned in weekdays at 3 p.m.!


Wednesday, 6/29 – Congrats to Joe in Peabody, the first to figure it out!

Heart “Barracuda”
Sponge “Plowed”
Led Zeppelin “The Ocean”

Can you puzzle out the theme?