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In 2021, the Pawtucket Red Sox will move to Worcester and be reborn as…the WooSox! What do you think of the logo?


If you’re not wise, that adorable little fella is Smiley, the new mascot of the Worcester Red Sox. Why? Because the smiley face was invented by ad executive Harvey Ball in Worcester in 1963. The pose Smiley is striking was created by combining the swings of Ted Williams and David Ortiz. It’s all very Worcester and very Red Sox and I’ll tell you this: I love it.


Minor league baseball rules. It’s fun and affordable and I can hit a game with my kids without breaking the bank and cut out early without feeling like a heel. The whole approach they’re taking with the WooSox speaks to this and I’m here for it. And all the grumpy bastards flipping out about the logo are just making me love it more.


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