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In an alternate timeline, Taylor Hawkins doesn’t play drums for the Foo Fighters: he plays drums for Guns N’ Roses.


This recent piece from Spin outlines a scenario from 1999 in which the Foo Fighters were in London touring behind There Is Nothing Left To Lose. Taylor Hawkins gets a call from his mom informing him that someone from Guns N’ Roses was looking for him. That someone was Axl Rose, who was looking to audition Hawkins for the latest incarnation of GNR.


So what did Taylor do? He rung up Queen‘s Roger Taylor for advice. Taylor told Taylor to stay put, and 20 years later we have Taylor (the latter) still drumming for the Foo. Imagine if he’d left, though? Would it have lasted? Would Dave Grohl have gone back behind the kit? I guess we’ll never know.