Adam 12

11am - 4pm

September 23, 1991. The night before Nirvana would change the world of rock forever with the release of their major-label debut Nevermind, the band played Boston.


The occasion? The WFNX 8th Birthday Celebration, a series of Lansdowne Street shows put on by the legendary alt-rock station. Nirvana headlined Axis, sharing the bill with the Smashing Pumpkins. Let that sink in for a moment: Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins on the same bill. Not at Lollapalooza, but at Axis on Lansdowne Street.


We can listen in to the gig, courtesy of ex-FNX DJ Duane Bruce saving and sharing the archived audio. I was also able to track down the Pumpkins set, too, which starts with a nacent version of Siamese Dream single “Rocket.” Check out both below.