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August 24, 1979. The Ramones go back to school and become movie stars in the process.


Rock ‘n’ Roll High School was by no means a cinematic achievement; Wikipedia sums up the plot of the film in a tight two paragraphs. But it sure was fun, with Halloween vet P.J. Soles as the Ramones-obsessed Riff Randell, rallying her rock-loving classmates, pissing off her uptight principal, and palling around with the prominently-featured Ramones.


To celebrate the movie’s 40th anniversary, Consequence of Sound rounded up director Allan Arkush and screenwriter Joseph McBride for a bit of an oral history, which you can read here. Revisit the soundtrack here, complete with cuts from Alice Cooper, Devo, and Brian Eno. I shared some of my favorite clips below. Hey ho, let’s go!