These days, finding Massachusetts MOST popular grocer is almost as important as finding the right mechanic. While it’s hard to eat at home ALL the time, it’s a fact that you can save SO much more. Plus, when we eat out a little less, it seems like a treat, something to look forward to, rather than a necessity. BUT, post pandemic, people don’t seem to care. Boston area folks are eating OUT more! Yes, restaurant spending has surpassed grocery spending in 2022. I wonder if that coincides with credit card spending?

Keeping Track

When I was single, I didn’t pay that much attention to comparison grocery shopping. Of course, in later years when we add in a house, kids, college, we start to examine, income vs, expenses. Once we started paying attention to where we shop, we started seeing a savings. Plus, I discovered that each market had their specialty. For example one market had better fruit and vegetables. One had better meat and seafood. Another won in prepared foods.

Who IS Number One?

According to Axios Boston research, the people have spoken:

While national grocery behemoths such as Walmart are typically among the most popular grocers — if not the most popular — in any given city, local and regional favorites can give the big box stores a run for their money.

  • It helps that Suffolk County doesn’t have any Walmarts, as the chain has only been able to get into neighboring cities like Lynn and Quincy.
  • That’s partially because former Mayor Tom Menino told the box store giant to take a hike in the early 2010s when they tried to expand in the city.
  • People spent 20.7% more at restaurants than they spent on groceries in 2022 — and that figure rose to 29.5% in the first two months of the year, according to Commerce Department data compiled by JLL,” Axios’ Nathan Bomey writes.

Now that we’re hungry, let’s go find Massachusetts MOST popular grocer!

  • 10-Trader Joes

    I have never shopped there. Yet, it gets a mention in every TV sitcom. The marketing department gets props.

    2022 market share: 3.0

  • 9-Wegmans

    2022 market share: 3.1



  • 8-Brothers Marketplace


    I’m not gonna lie. I have never heard of these folks. Maybe Trader Joes can get their name on TV.

    2022 market share: 3.2

  • 7-Costco

    2022 market share: 4.2

    I am not a member, because, I would go there and leave with a pallet full of Cheese Balls. (That’s right, I capitalize Cheese Balls.)

  • 6-BJ's Wholesale Club

    2022 market share: 6.8

    See cheeseball comment in #7

  • 5-Whole Foods

    2022 market share 7.0

    We have to admit that Whole Foods (at least when I lived near one) had the best prepared foods. Add to that, the cookie buffet on the cart with wheels, OMG! I have never had cream-filled oatmeal cookies like those at WF. I think Whole Foods was designed for well to do single people, as a reminder that one day, they will have to shop at Market Basket after they get married. It’s the hot nightclub of grocery stores. Like the drinks, the food is sexy and overpriced, for people who went there when we were thinner. I haven’t been there in awhile, but I bet they have added bathroom attendants.

    But, I own a house now, and my cookie budget pays for my mortgage.

  • 4-Shaws


    Or it’s twin Star Market.

    2023 market share: 11.4


  • 3- Walmart

    2022 market share: 12.3

    I have a Super Walmart near us. I will say that carry a lot of the products that we like, that other stores do not.

  • 2-Stop & Shop


    2022 market share: 14.8

  • 1-Market Basket

    Market Basket is the Tom Brady of supermarkets with a whopping 20.5 share.

    According to the Axois report:

    Shoppers often develop allegiances toward their local favorites. You don’t have to look far to spot members of the Cult of the Demoulas that make Market Basket the top in the region.

    • Market Basket’s appeal has only grown as prices rise. The chain is rated as the nation’s best grocery chain for inflationary times according to market researcher Dunnhumby.
    • Market Basket stats showed they were more than just loyal customers in 2014 when they backed temporarily-ousted CEO Arthur Demoulas in a nasty feud that threatened the future of the company.

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